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What is 13 Ways Creative?

Message from Doug: The process of branding and marketing a community needs to be more than just picking a slogan and making a brochure. Your community will have greater success when it knows who its target client is, and tells them the story of who you are and what you are becoming, directly. We have been helping communities discover who they really are, and who they are becoming for years. Now we help those communities brand and market their story for success.

Who is 13 Ways Creative?

We’re glad you asked! Heather and Ashley are the duo behind 13wayscreative. 

Heather Thomson has worked with 100’s of municipalities across north america. She understands and appreciates how communities need to market and brand themselves if they want to grow and flourish. Each community has something unique about them. Heather will help develop a plan and brand to showcase your community to the world.

Ashley Szakal has a passion for digital creativity! Over the past 10 years, Ashley has helped businesses, non-profits and communities perfect their online presence. Ashley will develop the visual elements of your brand, from website design to social media recommendations. 


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But before we go any further, here is an overview of the full creative process. Our process involves the client at important stages of the brand development to ensure the finished product is representative of the client’s needs. These checkpoints provide valuable information that informs the final product.


Initial Consultation, Tour & Muse Focus Group


First Branding Draft & Website Planning Meeting


Second Consultation


Second Branding Draft & First Website Draft


Final Branding & Website Delivered


Marketing & Communication Recommendations


Brand Research

We will put your community on the map by creating a memorable brand

By connecting with the mavens of your community, we will create a brand strategy and moodboards that will capture your community’s identity.

Marketing & Communication

We show you how to promote your community

We ensure that you are left with a plan to implement that engages your community.

Brand Application

This is the outward expression of your brand. The visual elements that represent who you are

From your website to social media. The brand of the community will be implemented succinctly and efficiently.

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